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DFW atheist groupThe Dallas–Fort Worth Coalition of Reason (DFWCoR), is one of the oldest coalitions of reason in the country, launching with two billboards displaying the message “Don’t Believe In God? You Are Not Alone” in March 2009. Over the years since then, they have continued to make themselves visible in their area with new ad campaigns focused on the diversity of people in their community. If you’re a DFW atheist, humanist, or other non-theist, we’d love to meet you!

In November 2010, they placed ads on the sides of Fort Worth public buses featuring the words “Millions of Americans are Good without God” displayed over an image of an American flag made up of the faces of real atheist and agnostic people. Although their ads appeared on only four buses, their campaign led to a high-profile bus boycott by some local churches that resulted in a publicity bonanza lasting a month and a half. Ultimately Fort Worth banned all religious-themed ads from their buses to avoid such controversy in the future.

In June 2011, DFWCoR announced the formation of a “Diversity Council” to recruit minority nonbelievers and raise awareness of existing diversity in the “New Atheist” movement. In January 2012, they participated in a new billboard campaign with African Americans for Humanism to highlight black atheists, humanists, and freethinkers throughout history to the present-day. In April 2012, they placed another billboard ad proclaiming the message “Our Families are Great Without Religion,” and offered pre-show advertisements to be featured at the Green Oaks Movie Tavern in Arlington with the same message showing photographs of families from the organization. Most recently in July 2014, they launched a new Spanish-language billboard campaign proclaiming “¿No Eres Religioso? ¡47 Millones Están De Acuerdo!” (Not Religious? 47 Million Agree!).

DFWCoR is an umbrella organization supporting DFW atheist, humanist & secular groups joined together to increase the growth, visibility and acceptance of all atheists throughout the Metroplex area. While all of these organizations share common ground, each has its own particular emphasis and atmosphere. Some are focused on scientific inquiry and education; others are focused on ethics and community. Still others seek to create environments of rationality where people can socialize in climates of tolerance and support. All organizations are committed to promoting wider acceptance of a more rational and realistic view of the universe and the humans who live in it.

dallas secular groupsDFWCoR seeks to inform local atheists that there are groups to join, activities in which to participate, events to attend and like-minded people with which to socialize. In short, they want to help those who have grown beyond religious belief to find their philosophical home. In addition, they seek to increase the secular movement’s influence in the marketplace of ideas so that secular people can take their rightful place at the table, securing acceptance and equal rights. Atheists who are not ready, or who are unable, to “come out” can take comfort in knowing that they are not the only ones who accept the reality of a 100% natural world.

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Find our DFW atheist, humanist, secular and non-theist groups and contact us through www.dfwcor.org. We’ll be happy to welcome you!

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