Hispanics and Latinos Embrace Atheism in DFW

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July 21, 2014

The Dallas–Fort Worth Coalition of Reason (DFWCoR), an umbrella organization supporting local grassroots secular organizations, today launched an advertising campaign to celebrate a new member group, the Hispanic Secular Humanists (HSH). A Spanish-language billboard proclaiming the message “¿No Eres Religioso? ¡47 Millones Están De Acuerdo!” (Not Religious? 47 Million Agree!) will run for four weeks on C.F. Hawn Freeway near Jim Miller Road.

DFWCoR Coordinator Alix Jules explained that “Hispanics and Latinos, especially those in the younger generations, are beginning to question their religious upbringing like never before. But as in the Black community, leaving the Church can carry a high social cost.” To help connect nonreligious Hispanics and Latinos in Dallas, the DFWCoR Diversity Council is supporting the HSH in its mission to “promote the use of critical thinking and evidenced-based reasoning” in the Hispanic community.

HSH President Tim Crookham noted, “Atheism is not just a phenomenon among white people. More and more Hispanics are leaving the Catholic Church and evangelical denominations behind.” According to the Pew Forum, the rate of religious unaffiliation among Hispanics is 18%, just under the 20% of Americans who are similarly secular. 18% of Hispanics in America are now unaffiliated with religion. That translates to about 6 million secular Hispanics in this country, about a seventh of the overall 47 million secular Americans that already exist.

“That makes more nonreligious Hispanics than Republican Hispanics,” Jules noted. “As we head into a mid-term election cycle, that’s probably something about which all political parties, both nationally and here in Texas, should be aware.”

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The Dallas/Fort Worth Coalition of Reason is a community of nontheistic groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that works to raise the public profile of and cooperation among all such local organizations.

The Hispanic Secular Humanists is a community dedicated to providing social activities for non-religious Hispanics and promotes the use of critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning to understand the world around us and our place in it.

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