From UnitedCoR

From James A. Haught, Editor Emeritus of the Charleston Gazette-Mail

A complete e-book copy of Religion is Dying! and other resources.

From the American Humanist Association

  • Paths to Humanism (American Humanist Association)
  • The Boycott the Pledge Campaign (American Humanist Association)
  • Effective Tabling, (American Humanist Association)
  • Effective Marches and Demonstrations, (American Humanist Association)
  • The Ten Commitments (a secular alternative to the Ten Commandments)

From the Secular Policy Institute:

  • Secular Resource Guide ()
  • Model Secular Policy Guide (Secular Policy Institute)
  • Abuse in America‚Äôs Faith-Based Initiative System: A Secular Policy Institute Report (Secular Policy Institute)
  • How to Run a Secular Group (Secular Policy Institute)
  • Who are Secular People? (Secular Policy Institute)

From the Secular Student Alliance:

  • Dealing with Grief as an Individual (Secular Student Alliance)
  • Being more Inclusive to Minorities (Secular Student Alliance)
  • How to Run a Secular Group (Secular Student Alliance)

From Other Secular Groups: