Record-Breaking School Supply Drive in Central Iowa


by Rory Moe, Coordinator, Central Iowa Coalition of Reason, and Bill Shackleford, School Supply Drive Committee Co-Chair, Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers Last month, UnitedCoR added a donation of $50 to a fundraising campaign, as it was the fifth co ...

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Interview: August Brunsman IV of the Secular Student Alliance

by Susan, Education Officer and National Coordinator, UnitedCoR UnitedCoR: How did you first get involved with the Secular Student Alliance? August Brunsman:  My mom and dad identified as atheists throughout my childhood. We didn’t belong to a l ...

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School’s Out but Church Was In

by Jan Goings, Coordinator, Inland Empire Coalition of Reason In Southern California, what's appropriate and legal signage when a church rents space at a public school? Jan Goings in California reports. For many months, I had seen this banner which ...

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Secular Idaho Newsletter, September 2016



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