Aron Ra visits Fresno


Aron Ra is an atheist activist, author, speaker, president of the Atheist Alliance of America, and also current Texas state-director of American Atheists. He has over 130,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel, and blogs on Patheos. And on Thursday, Oc ...

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Tuesday Night Debate Night

We'll start the night at 6:30 with some food and chitchat, then watch Matt Dillahunty and Israel Rodriguez debate the topic The Evolution of Enlightenment Can Science and Religion CoExist? The debate is 2 hours long, so we'll start the video at 7 pm and ...

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Meet UnitedCoR’s New Grassroots and Outreach Coordinator


by Susan, Education Officer and National Coordinator, United Coalition of Reason As UnitedCoR is continuing to grow, we’ve needed to increase our staff to help us serve local communities even better. After advertising for a Grassroots and Outreach C ...

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Record-Breaking School Supply Drive in Central Iowa

by Rory Moe, Coordinator, Central Iowa Coalition of Reason, and Bill Shackleford, School Supply Drive Committee Co-Chair, Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers Last month, UnitedCoR added a donation of $50 to a fundraising campaign, as it was the fifth co ...

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